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Trench Covers

Fiberglass trench covers are non-conductive, UV resistant, lightweight, and more.

Transformer Box Pads

Superior weather-ability, corrosion resistant and high strength ensure a quality product.

Switchgear Box Pads

Quality raw materials provide excellent resistance to corrosive elements.

Ground Sleeves

High strength with the highest glass reinforcement content in the industry.

Splice Boxes

Generally tapered for nesting, reduces storage yard requirements.

Hillside Barriers

Exclusive use of double layers of 24 oz. woven roving reinforcement cloth.

Looping Enclosures

Protect the job site and those around you with a non-conductive fiberglass looping enclosure.


Features of the Single-Phase or 3-Phase Deadfront Cable Junction Pedestals

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No matter your problem, we can custom solutions to fit all your needs.

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We comply with the highest quality standards in the industry.

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Our team of experts has decades of experience creating fiberglass solutions.

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All our products are produced in our state-of-the-art US facilities.

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